BlogInformationHistory of Wall Art Part Four - The Middle Ages

History of Wall Art Part Four - The Middle Ages

History of Wall Art Part Four - The Middle Ages

In European history, the Middle Ages, or Medieval period, lasted from the 5th to the 15th century.

People used fabric to cover walls and windows to keep drafts out. In the homes of the well-to-do, these fabrics were elaborate, tapestries, which also adorned the walls of European palaces and castles. They were not only practical, but decorative. Most churches, during the Middle Ages would have been decorated with brightly coloured wall-paintings. Church services would have been in Latin which very few ordinary people understood. So wall paintings (and pictorial stained glass windows) helped to convey the stories and messages from the Bible.

Church uncovers stunning wall paintings

Startling images of St George and the Dragon and the seven deadly sins have been discovered in a small Welsh church.

Furthermore, fewer than one in ten of people living during the Middle Ages were literate. Graffiti, writing or drawings scribbled or scratched on walls, was an alternative means of expression. This was an impromptu art form that started to appear on church walls. Most examples are pictographic and would have been widely understood. A graffito was often the only personal trace ever left over the course of these artists' lives. Medieval graffiti gives valuable insights into people's imaginations and values, customs and social practices, their sense of humour.

View some examples here:

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