Metal Wall Art - Large Underground Abstract

£59.99 1 reviews


Code: Metal Wall Art BWA-SK9560

  • Underground abstract metal wall art
  • Burnt colour finish detail
  • Made by hand from metal
  • Easy to hang using the rear mounting bracket
  • Could be hung many different ways using the structure of the piece
  • Measures approximately 62cm (24.5") high x 120cm (47.25") wide


from on Oct 20th 2017
I have now received the delivery, and it was slightly damaged - one of the metal flat placelets is slightly bend. However, overall it is a nice piece. The colours are not a vibrant as the picture would suggest, darker and overall reddish/rusty appearance, more delicate in nature rather than in your face colours. Personally I quite like it for the room display that it is needed for. I would have been nice to receive an undamaged piece, but will keep it anyway! Hopefully my clients will not notice the slight imperfection.

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